The experiments and researches with a high level of innovation can be developed in the Center by utilizing the motion capture and immersive reality equipment of the Laboratory for Digital Interaction and the computers equipped to generate computerized animation, from the project and concept stage, up to generation and animation processing with systems specific to the animation filming techniques, from specific cameras to motion control systems and Animoko stop frame.


UNATC has a Master’s program in the field of animation film and has included in its development strategy the accreditation of a Bachelor program in the field of animation, thus being the only University in Romania accredited in this field.

In order to endow the Laboratory for Digital Animation, state of the art equipment were purchased and a technological line in order to generate 3D animation and in a stop motion regime.

The laboratory has a total surface of 200 square meters divided in work areas and viewing areas.

The endowments of the laboratory also include a motion control installation dedicated to full frame stop animation, for smaller size cameras.

This laboratory can develop research topics together with the Laboratory for cognitive development and applied psychology, especially in the field of developing new learning fields. The computers of the laboratory are endowed with special drawing software, 2D and 3D design, digital montage. Within the laboratory for digital animation, the animation is generated in a computerized manner, either by using virtual bodies created through a motion capture system, either by generating computerized graphics.

It is utilized together with the digital, composite and traditional technique, as well as traditional animation of objects (puppet type) or traditional graphic animation resulting from such mixed technologies.

The main research technologies of the laboratory are:

– techniques for generating virtual animation by using motion capture;

– generating robotic animation and generating computerized animation;

– animating virtual objects and generating computerized animation;

– techniques for graphic computerized art in various mediums.