Mandea Nicolae – Director of CINETic

Nicolae Mandea PhD, rector of UNATC “I.L.Caragiale ” Bucharest. Initiator , coordinator, consultant and member of several educational projects, artistic and scientific researcher. Coordinator and consulting for development and evaluation of projects under UNATC , MEC , AFCN , juries.


Ph.D. candidate Alexandru Berceanu, Deputy Director of CINETic

He is an independent stage director and cultural manager. He put in stage more than 15 independent and state theater plays which were awarded national and international prizes. Starting from his interest in new dramaturgy and expanding the areas of performance expression. Alexandru Berceanu collaborates within interdisciplinary projects in the visual area like for example the Submersive and subversive installation 1958-1968 or within the graphic novel Mickey on the Danube, “Jumătatea Plină” Publishing House. Alexandru Berceanu is a founding member of dramAcum, NGO operating in the field of developing new dramaturgy.
At present he is a Ph.D. candidate at the Theater Faculty within “Babes-Bolyai” University, with the thesis having as topic “Violence in Performing Arts, from Hypnotic Power to social responsibility, coordinator University Professor, Ph.D. Miruna Runcan. His last show Interface 3 materialized his interest in the neuro-cognitive field, as within the show music was generated in real time starting from the brain waves which were EEG monitored and the color of the lights was controlled in the same manner. The generated music showed the emotional reaction of the EEG monitored spectator.
Alexandru Berceanu was involved in social art projects, like the art workshops “School in the street”, “Rahova – Delivery” and he has a rich teaching experience, being a teacher for more than 10 years within “I.L. Caragiale” UNATC, staging department.
Alexandru Berceanu is the initiator and deputy director of the CINETic project of “I.L. Caragiale” UNATC

Dumitru Damian Laurențiu – Responsabil stiintific

Cămărășan Mariana – Responsabil Stiintific 2

Ioana Călin – Responsabil proiect comunicare

A absolvit Scoala Nationala de Studii Politice si Administrative, Facultatea de Administratie Publica, in anul 2009 si Universitatea Nationala de Arta Teatrala si Cinematografica “I.L.Caragiale”, sectia actorie, in anul 2014. A lucrat pe mai multe proiecte cu finantare europeana, dar si proiecte culturale. In prezent o puteti vedea jucand la Teatrul Elisabeta din Bucuresti, in spectacolele “Visul unei nopti de iarna”, “Steaua fara nume” si “Fratii Karamazov”.
De-a lungul timpului a facut parte din echipa de implementare a unor proiecte de cercetare bilaterale cu finantare europeana din cadrul Autoritatii Nationale pentru Cercetare Stiintifica si Inovare, precum si din echipa de comunicare a Unitatii Executive pentru Finantarea Invatamantului Superior, a Cercetarii, Dezvoltarii si Inovarii.

Research assistants:


Grigore Burloiu

Grigore Burloiu is a 3rd year post-graduate student within the Faculty of Electronics, Telecommunications and Information Technology within UPB, where he researches dynamic musical illustrations. He holds a MMus in music technology awarded by the University of Leeds. He is active in computer music design – augmentation of musical illustrations through generation and dynamic control. He collaborates with IRCAM Paris, where he also underwent a research internship, in the field of visualization of the dynamic processes for computer assisted music.

Misu Ionescu

Mihai Valentin Ovidiu Ionescu (Mișu Ionescu) has a Bachelor and a Master’s Degree in the Art of Film Image, awarded by UNATC. At present he is a post-graduate student, his research topic being “Vittorio Storaro and the psychodynamic of colors in film making”. Ever since high-school he worked as a photo-editor for Academia Cațavencu, satisfying in parallel his passion for film. The faculty determined him to work as a photo director and a production assistant within the faculty, as well as in the professional field, where he truly understood what film industry is. At present he is working as a photography director for adverting and film productions.

Dan Ștefan Pârlog

In 2010 he graduated the film faculty, the sound montage department, within UNATC. The master’s program was next, finalized in 2014 within CESI (Center for Excellence in Image Studies) with the thesis “Postmodern transformations and the fluidization of mediums”, where he studied the development trends of trans-medial narration, the convergence of mediums and the participative culture.
In his Ph.D. paper, entitled “Apocalypse and the films with apocalyptic plot”, his focus was on analyzing the relationship between the meta-narration of contemporary films with an apocalyptic plot and the present perception of the human being regarding the idea of apocalypse. From the professional perspective, he performed the montage activity for commercials, TV shows and short films, as an employee within post-production studios as well as freelancer.
Within the CINETic center his focus is on developing a few scientific and educational research projects.

Beatrice Meda Găurean

Beatrice Meda Găurean is a post-graduate student of the “I.L. Caragiale” National University of Theater and Film and undergoing a Master’s Program at the University of Bucharest, Faculty of Psychology and Educational Sciences, the Psycho-diagnosis and Experimental Psychotherapy and Personal Development Program, developing an interdisciplinary research at the intersection of Theater and Psychology.
She has two Bachelor Degrees issued by “I.L. Caragiage” UNATC, Theater Faculty, acting department and SNSPA (School of Political Sciences and Public Administration), Communication and Public Relations Faculty – as well as a Master’s Degree in the interdisciplinary field Theater-Film issued by the Center for Excellence in Image Studies (valedictorian). During the Master’s Program she was awarded a scientific performance scholarship for one year by the University of Bucharest. This research, together with the study for the thesis, represented the prerequisites of the current interdisciplinary topic developed in the direction art-science-psychology.
Professionally, she continued her acting career at the “Logos” Independent Theater, as well as her activity in the field of academic research carried out within the Research Center of “I.L. Caragiale” UNATC, since 2011. She initiated, implemented and developed numerous academic projects, also being involved in the implementation of three programs with European funding. As of 2014 she hold the capacity as Communication, PR and International Relations Director within I.L. Caragiale UNATC. In continuation of this complex academic and professional route, the most beloved activity for Beatrice Meda is that of interdisciplinary academic research that she will continue developing within the Laboratory for cognitive development and applied psychology through immersive experiences of the CINETic Center.

Vlad Constantin

Vlad Constantin was born in Călărași, Romania, in 1984 and he came to Bucharest after the Revolution of December 1989. After four years of being a student of the Economic Management Faculty, Academy of Economic Studies and of the Political Sciences Faculty within the National School for Political Sciences and Public Administration, Vlad decided to become a student of the Staging Faculty of UNATC, which he graduated in 2010. He graduated the Master’s Program in the field of Sound and Montage within the same Film Faculty and he was a student for three more years within the Faculty of History and Theory of Art – UNARTE. At present he is a student within the Master’s Program regarding the Theory and Practice of Image within CESI and a post-graduate student in the second year within the Philosophy Faculty of the University of Bucharest.
His creations have as starting point the human behavior and the relationship between dream and reality, false and original. Sensitive observer of the challenges of the new millennium, Vlad recreates simple structures of actions in order to point out the subtle coordinates which determine and which engage our will when searching for the truth within the information ballast specific to the contemporary world. By not considering the film an end product, but an “eternal” question (which survives its author), a tool of meditation, he states that: “The movie does not display only the background necessary for ethical introspection, but it imposes through its simple (magic) presence such reflections. The cinema must take responsibility for the power that it has and must prove this by developing a new type of language, capable to forward in time the essence of humankind.”
Film – in the capacity of director: Apartmentul 29 (2007)(short), Rampa Skaterilor (2007)(short)(documentary), Acoperisul (2008)(short), Tranzit (2010)(short)
In Oglinda Elodiei (2010)(short)(documentary), Cele trei Roxanici (2011)(short)(documentary)
Si Eu (2011)(short), Cineva o sa va sune (2012)(short), Academicianul (2015)(short), Precum coralii care cresc sub apa (2016)(short); in the capacity of editor: Cele trei Roxanici (2011)(short)(documentary), Despre ea (2012)(short), Cineva o sa va sune (2012)(short), Academicianul (2015)(short).