Imprementation Team of the CINETic Project 2014-2016

 Assoc. Prof. Nicolae Mandea, PhD – Founder of CINETic

Nicolae Mandea is the Rector of the “I.L.Caragiale” National University of Theatre and Cinema Arts in Bucharest (UNATC). He has been the initiator, coordinator, consultant and member of various educational, artistic and scientific research projects. He has also conducted coordination and consultancy activities for project developments and evaluations within UNATC, Ministry of Education and Research, Ministry of Culture, various juries. Author of the volume “Theatricality – a Contemporary Concept”, UNATC Press.


alexb Alexandru Berceanu, PhD – Director of CINETic

He is an independent stage director and cultural manager. He put in stage more than 15 independent and state theater plays which were awarded national and international prizes. Starting from his interest in new dramaturgy and expanding the areas of performance expression, Alexandru Berceanu collaborates within interdisciplinary projects in the visual area such as the Submersive and subversive installation 1958-1968 or within the graphic novel Mickey on the Danube, “Jumătatea Plină” Publishing House.

Alexandru Berceanu is a founding member of dramAcum, an NGO operating in the field of developing new dramaturgy. He is currently conducting his Ph.D. at the Theater Faculty within the “Babes-Bolyai” University, with a thesis having as topic “Violence in the Performing Arts, from Hypnotic Power to Social Responsibility”, doctoral advisor – Prof. Miruna Runcan, PhD.

His last show – Interface 3 – materialised his interest in the neuro-cognitive field. In this show, music was generated in real time starting from the brain waves, which were EEG monitored and the color of the lights was controlled in the same manner. The generated music showed the emotional reaction of the EEG monitored spectator. Alexandru Berceanu was involved in social art projects, like the art workshops “School in the street”, “Rahova – Delivery” and he has a rich teaching experience, being a teacher for more than 10 years within “I.L. Caragiale” UNATC, staging department.

Ioana Mischie, PhD (c) – Project Coordinator at CINETic

Ioana Mischie is a Romanian cinematic storyteller, whose portfolio alternates film-making, creative writing and transmedia storytelling. Awarded for creative writing, film and interactive works. Graduated in AV Communication and the Screenwriting MA program of UNATC, where she is currently enrolled in her PhD studies on transmedia storytelling.

Her cinematic projects were selected to international programs such as the Berlinale Talents Script Station, Sundance Workshop in Italy, Locarno Academy Meetings, Midpoint Central European Script Center, Cannes International Screenwriters Pavilion, The Steamer Salon, Cross Video Days. Her two recent documentary series commissioned by Channel 4 have had a record of number of views on the 4oD platform in the UK.

Currently collaborating with the Oscars-awarded production company Legende Films for “237 years” (the short movie) and for the development of the homonymous feature-length script project. Envisioning the world as a neo-creative playground, her stories tend to have humorous accents, striving to explore the bitter-sweet-ness of social themes, cultural identity and self-discovery in an eclectic world.

Initiated and coordinated numerous educational programs that constantly encourage young Romanian filmmakers to develop their cinematic worlds: miniMIDPOINT, National Screenwriting Alumni Pitch, Cine-ritm. Co-founder of Storyscapes and most recently, enthusiast programs coordinator of CINETic.

Dumitru Tănase – Administrator of CINETic

Dumitru Tanase (born February 5th 1991) is a graduate of the Polytechnic University in Bucharest, Faculty of Energy and Energy Management and has come to coordinate the administrative work of the CINETIC Center due to his seriousness and perseverance. Employed as early as the implementation period of the project, he helped in its finalisation, by managing various administrative tasks.

At present, he works as administrator of CINETic, ensuring the link between the  Center and UNATC as parent University. He also handles the CNC Router, the 3D Printer and provides technical support for other various equipments. He offers support to both UNATC students for their academic projects and to external partners as well.

The CINETic Administrator is also involved in the project entitled “Development of a Methodology for Theater Therapy with Neurochemical and Neurocognitive Effect – MET”, working as audio-video technician.

Darie Calnegru – Network Technician

I joined CINETic as network technician, because it implies a lot of micromanagement and a constant search for better optimization. I really like doing this and it provides me with an opportunity to learn a bit from each department.

In my spare time, I am at the other end of the “cinema chain”. I collaborate with film festivals such as Animest, Next, One World Romania, TIFF, Pelicam. I specialised in DCP management and digital file encoding, but I also work in departments such as print traffic, live subtitles or technical.

One of the greatest things at CINETic is watching the production process of the animated shorts. The same animations that I receive at film festivals to screen them.


Laboratorul de Tehnici Digitale Creative în Cinematografie

Ștefan Pârlog, PhD (c) – Cercetător

Maria Murgu, PhD – Research Assistant 


Mircea Crivoi – Tehnician colorist

Laboratorul de Interacțiune Digitală Sunet Lumină

Grigore Burloiu, PhD – Cercetător

Ștefan Damian, PhD – Research Assistant 


Mihai Gheorghiu – Inginer de sunet


Laboratorul de Animație Digitală

Assoc. Prof. Matei Branea, PhD – Vice-Rector for International Relations at UNATC Bucharest 

Vlad Ilicevici, PhD – Cercetător & Coordonator al Laboratorului de Animație Digitală

Lect. Mirela Vlad, PhD – Cercetător

Ion Aramă – Tehnician 3D


Laboratorul de Design Decor Virtual și Realitate Augmentată 

Iuliana Gherghescu, PhD – Cercetător

Marius Cătălin Hodea, PhD (c) – Research Assistant 


Laboratorul de Interacțiune Digitală

Vlad Constantin, PhD (c) – Research Assistant 

Bogdan Mustață, PhD (c)

Geo Niță – Operator de imagine

Ionuț Dumitrașcu – Tehnician lumini

Bogdan Ceangu – Tehnician motion control, motion capture



Laboratorul de Dezvoltare Cognitivă și Psihologie Aplicată prin Experiențe Imersive

Alexandra Huh, PhD (c) – Research Assistant 







Echipa de implementare a proiectului CINETic 2014-2016


Nicolae Mandea

Alexandru Berceanu

Adrian Titieni

Dumitru Damian

Mariana Cămărășan

Ioana Călin

Adriana Tran

Emil Banea

Emilia Alexandru

Camelia Bunea




Răzvan Vasilescu

Ovidiu Răduleț

Neil Coltofeanu

Alexandru Sterian

Mihaela Dinu

Mirela Rusu

Și tuturor celor care au sprijinit implementarea acestui proiect.