This Lab works on a complementary axis with the Laboratory for Digital Interaction, at the same time incorporating the instruments and research results of the other five Laboratories.

The mission of the Laboratory for Cognitive Development and Applied Psychology through Immersive Experiences is to evaluate the impact of immersive environments on human beings at a cognitive and emotional level and to understand their basis at a neurophysiological level.

Representing human actions in theatrical manner is an innate ability of humans, based on complex communication tools. Reenacting, transforming and reshaping realities by repetition or rehearsal are made possible through complex cognitive and emotional processes. Theatre offers a unique opportunity to study rehearsed and spontaneous social interaction providing unique experimental set-ups. Storytelling is at the basis of transmission of emotions, studying film and theatre with neuroscience approach opens a new path in understanding complex human behavior. The objectives of LDCAPEI are to contribute to an emotionally harmonious society by the use of art and to improve theatre and film practice through interdisciplinary research on the mechanisms involved in their development. LDCAPEI aims to develop an evidence-based approach in art therapies and art teaching.


• interdisciplinary research between theatre, film, psychology and neuroscience
• EEG and ERP evaluation of effects of theatre and films
• developing tools and methods to asses psycho-physiological effect of immersive experiences
• emotional and cognitive enhancement through immersive experience
• experimental investigations in the field of experiential psychotherapies through objective measures
• development of psychotherapeutic tools through virtual environments
• development of brain-computer-interfaces


Research space (140 sqm)
Experiment Room
Conference Room
Room for collecting bio samples


scalable portable EEG system (ANT Neuro) with up to 256 Electrodes, also equipped for ERP
heart rate, GSR and other electrodermal signal
eye tracking system with stereoscopic module
-80°C freezer and basic processing bio sample lab
high speed video motion tracking system with six cameras
analysis software: MATLAB, LabVIEW, SPSS
Oculus Rift