The need to establish the Laboratory for Creative Digital Techniques for Film resulted from the fact that the post-processing of film image, as well as all the new media content are at present mainly digital. The film has a decreasing share in the professional capture of the film image. The film distribution as end products in cinema is almost fully digital. This is related to the evolution of technologies and cultural policies partially co-financed from public funds. The commercial component of the film industry sometimes has restrictive trends especially due to the lack of unification – standardization and due to the challenges which are specific to the technical standards, as well as because of the high level of the necessary investments, which in some cases is prohibitive.

The mission of the Laboratory for Creative Digital Techniques for Film is to provide the most advanced tools for digital processing at film industry level for students, teaching and research staff, and to develop expertise in the use of digital tools for film. In Romania, CGI is mostly used for commercials and as outsourcing, so creating a critical mass of CGI and VFX experts is a necessary target for the development of the filed at national level.

In the last 30 years, film has gone through a major transformation passing from analogue to digital production and distribution. The digital environment has increased the work speed, as well as the profits, due to its level of attractiveness and the quality of the end products – films, media content, games etc. At the same time, it also made possible new working methods and generated special ways of expression which are more and more creative. Film specialists and media content creators are fully dependent on digital technical support. Moreover, if historically, the analogue tradition generated hierarchies, nowadays the omnipresent digital technology creates networks. Digital tools bring new powers to film creators through CGI and VFX, alongside traditional editing techniques.

The Laboratory for Creative Digital Techniques for Film has facilities for postproduction at 4K cinema standard, for all necessary stages, as well as for CGI and VFX.

Most productions of the MA film students at UNATC are graded in this lab. Moreover, MA students also receive training in grading. The lab also hosts a series of CGI workshops and classes for both students and teachers. The lab provides the space and the tools for student projects of the following MA programs at UNATC: Multimedia, Image, Film Directing or New Media Design.


Grading Studio
Main Editing Room
6 editing spaces


The Laboratory for Creative Digital Techniques for Film has two technological lines – grading and video editing, along the following lines: coloring units, Magma extension boxes, LTO storage, monitors dedicated to coloring, Da Vinci grading consoles (one dedicated to grading at 4K film standard with 4K Barco DP4KP video-projector and one for standard TV), as well as other elements which are necessary for coloring and digital post-production, such as fixed and mobile data storage units, DCP player and maker, spectrometer. The Laboratory has 7 graphics stations dedicated to video editing, with specific software, also covering stereoscopic postproduction.

Editing and grading units are connected through a physical network, with joint access to a storage unit of 140 TB, essential for big data transfers specific to 4K resolution. The data network can have a transfer speed of up to 10 GB for 6 graphic units, thus making it possible for the material to be processed in real time in the central storage unit.