This Lab conducts media and scientific research projects in the field of sound and light production, with state of the art equipment in the field, unique in Romania.

The mission of the Laboratory for Digital Sound-Light Interaction is to develop scientific research projects in the field of sound and light, innovative interactive projects with light and sound and tools for light and sound interaction.

Digitally generating and controlling sound and light represent fields of research and development that are growing continuously, as proven by international conferences such as: ICMC (International Computer Music Conference), SMC (Sound and Music Computing), NIME (New Interfaces for Musical Expression) or DAFX (Digital Audio Effects) and the activity of certain companies like Ableton, Cycling ’74, Native Instruments, Monome, Novation, Moog etc.

The definition of the process may seem simple – the digital synthesis of sound or capture of recordings and their control/ transformation in real time. Yet, the diversity of possible implementations renders an extraordinary technological richness (programming, DSP, hardware interfaces, robotics etc.), as well as artistic diversity (musical applications, performance art, inter-media etc.) which are continuously growing. Controlling light is also a an expanding filed where tools like programing, sensors, tracking and generating dynamic light are basic tools.

By providing expertise and granting access to the laboratory’s facilities to students with practical and research projects CINETic has contributed to the advancement of two MA programs at UNATC: Interactive Technology for Performing and Media Arts (ITPMA), on the one hand, and Sound Design, on the other.


• automated and AI based interactions with light and sound
• spatial sound
• computer assisted sound composition and sound design
• through the collaboration with the other laboratories of the center, new systems of sound-light generation and control can be developed, which can be interfaced with movement sensors, EEG signals (encephalogram), robotic constructions etc.
• the development of new technological processes, either software or hardware, to support the experimental and artistic activities


In the performance interface 3, EEG signals generated real time sound and controlled lights. This experimental performance was accomplished through an interdisciplinary collaboration between the researchers and postgraduate students from UNATC, the Polytechnics and the Medicine Universities in Bucharest, which materialized in specific software solutions.

The lab’s most recent project is Soundthimble, headed by PhD researcher Grigore Burloiu, from which more than 3 published papers resulted.


Mixing Studio for cinema sound
Sound and light measuring line


The sound acquisition and live shows system is built around a digital Yamaha QL1 console, expanded with Yamaha MY16AES. With the support of the studio microphones (Neumann TLM 107), field microphones (Schoeps CMIT 5 U) and lanyard microphones (VT 700 & VT 506), as well as the RME Fireface UFX interface, shows and recordings can be done inside the laboratory, situation for which a portable audio system is also available, based on a Sound Devices 664 unit.

For production and post-production, the lab has plug-in packages (McDSP, Altiverb), a monitoring system (Dynaudio BM6 mkIII), and a control system (Yamaha Nuage).

Work stations which run software like Max/MSP, Ableton Live, Logic, Nuendo and Pro Tools permit the development of complex audio productions, as well as the development of extension modules through Max SDK, Max 4 Live and VST SDK.

Measuring Equipment includes Digital Multimeter – Keysight 34461A Digital Multimeter, 6 1/2 Digit, Image Engineering Ilumination Device LE7 (2 iQ-LEDSs); Image Engineering Starter Brodcast – ETC-SK2; Chrosziel – TESTCHART MTF HDTV SUPER P-TCMSW23; Osciloscope with 4 channles – Keysight DSOX3014T Oscilloscope: 100 MHz, Keysight U8903A Audio Analyzer AES3-SPDIF and DSI.