Introduction to Enstatic Dance

Integrating silent-meditative presence with ecstatic high-energy experiences

Facilitator: Dr. Ovidiu Brazdau

10 iunie 2018, 11:00, @CINETic


Enstatic Dance is an integrative approach to authentic dance, designed to facilitate a simultaneous silent-meditative connection with ourselves, while maintaining a high energy in the body. Enstatic Dance is not about releasing old patterns. Its goal is to amplify the focus and to increase the connection with ourselves and the reality. In other words, it is a way to develop a friendly relationship with life-energy, also known as kundalini.




Part 1. Introduction

Alan Lomax – Dance and Human History –

Andrea Olsen – Seven movement explorations –


Part 2. Attention practice

Maintaining witnessing silence and high-energy movements in the same frame of reference, by developing a new attentional style: wide-global attention & focused attention, in the same time.


Part 3. Sitting Dance Practice

Increasing sensitivity to music, while maintaining the silent awareness active.

(watch the guy who sits near Estas Tonne)


Part 4. Introduction to Enstatic Dance Practice

Allowing liquid flowing of energy, while increasing the witnessing awareness frequency.

Using rotational movements and other types of movements to increase the energy and the witnessing awareness.


Music styles: liquid vibes, psychedelic trance, chillout, progressive, EDM, electrofunk, psybient, melodic drum&bass, liquid dub, world music fusion, space-ambient vibes, mantras… and whatever it comes.


About the facilitator:

Dr. Ovidiu Brazdau is a psychologist and a social entrepreneur. Since 2005, his research is focused on developing the Consciousness Quotient Inventory (CQ-i) and introducing the conscious experience as a research variable in psychological assessment. Psychology of Becoming Conscious is an ongoing research project, providing a conceptual framework for understanding the inner transformation dynamics. “Growing Up” paths are about learning to harmonize our “Self”, while “Waking Up” paths are about adding new depths and gaining access to the layers which generate our conscious experience of “Being”.