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Radu POP

Animation Technician

  • Email:
  • CINETic Lab: Digital Animation
  • Other affiliations: Worksheep Studio (Administrator & Animator)

Academic interests

  • Digital Animation
  • Motion Capture systems

Research Project

Animated violence – the impact of the realism of animation on the perception of violence in film, TV and video games

Tasks Performed

As a part of the Laboratory for Digital Animation (LAD) at CINETic, I held a number of workshops and small courses on digital animation, most of them joint ventures with Animation Worksheep (an intensive animation workshop that acts as an alternative to traditional animation schools) and Anim’est International Animated Film Festival. I give technical advice to animation students from the Animation Master’s program of UNATC and I also participated as a consultant and technician for the motion capture system in multiple CINETic projects.

Also, as part of the band Orkid, I played drums for the multimedia performance event “Urban Delta Scapes”, a project co-organized by CINETic and Stereolux (Nantes, France) as part of The French-Romanian Season.


My background is in visual arts and animation. I hold a BA in Graphic Arts from UNArte and an MA in Animation from UNATC. I have been a part of the Animation Worksheep project of the Este’n’est Association since 2016, first as assistant trainer, then as trainer. Together with a part of the Animation Worksheep team, I am also part of a small animation studio, called Worksheep Studio.

Outside of animation, I am very interested in music. I play drums, along with keys and guitar occasionally  in the band Orkid.


  • ANIMATION WORKSHEEP, trainer and assistant trainer, 2016-present, 7 editions
  • URBAN DELTA SCAPES, multimedia performance, animation coordinator and musician, June 2019
  • Workshops on animation for ANIM’EST, 2017-2018

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