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Laura POP

Animation Technician

Academic interests

  • digital animation
  • poetics of immersion
  • cosmic cinema

Research Project

The oceanic feeling in animation film. From classical animation to immersive animation.

My doctoral research revolves around the ideas of fusion with the surroundings, with the other, with the universe, and of returning to the maternal womb, that are explored in animation film. I am interested in the bridge between this feeling and immersion and their applicability in psychology.

Tasks Performed

As part of the Digital Animation lab, I co-teach scenography and animation courses to Animation Film students and I am an assistant trainer at the Animation Worksheep project. I am also involved in some of the center’s visual identity.


I am an award-winning visual storyteller from Sibiu, Romania. I studied Scenography at UNATC Bucharest, with some fun abroad at ENSAD Paris, and graduated with an MA in Animation Film at UNATC in 2018. After completing my graduation film, Monster, I worked as an intern in the Belgian studio Camera-etc, where I directed and animated my second short, Miroir. I went on creating the animated artistic documentary Death, and worked on various animation projects, in both film and theatre.

I am inspired by psychology, dreams, theatre and literature and I’m trying to capture the complexity in simple things and the multitude of perspectives that surrounds us. In the present moment, I am teaching Scenography and Animation to animation students and developing a short animation about our need to bond.

Between these, I like to challenge people’s taste buds and I’m slowly becoming very passionate about house plants. 


Advanced Interdisciplinary Art Research”, UNATC, Bucharest, Romania („The Oceanic Feeling in Animation Film”), paper presentation (November 2019)


  • M FOR FATHER (animation short in pre-production), scenario, direction, animation
  • MIROIR (animation short in post-production), scenario, direction, animation, 2020
  • GROWING UP (theatre show, director Ozana Nicolau), animation, 2019
  • DEATH (animated artistic documentary), direction, animation, 2019
  • MONSTER (animation short), scenario, direction, animation, 2018 *Grand Prix at TIFF local competition, nominated for the UCIN Awards* (trailer)

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