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Programul Operaţional Sectorial "Creşterea Competitivităţii Economice"
Centrul Internațional de Cercetare și Educație în Tehnologii Inovativ Creative – CINETic
Proiect cofinaţat prin Fondul European de Dezvoltare Regională


Sound engineer


Mobile phone: 0728883770

CINETic Lab: Digital Light-Sound Interaction

Academic interests

  • Audio

Tasks Performed

  • At the CINETic LIS lab I handle the good functioning of the audio equipment.
  • I perform voice and ADR recordings, general audio post-processing in 5.1, 7.1, Stereo and Ambisonic audio formats.
  • I am in charge with technical maintenance and audio assistance.


I hold a Master degree in engineering at the Polytechnic University of Bucharest.

I have been working for over 30 years in audio and more than 20 years in game audio domain.

I did the complete sound design and music mix and master for more than 20 big game titles including Silent Hunter 3, 4 and 5, Blazing Angels 1 and 2, HAWX 1 and 2, Chess Master, Just Dance 4, Knights Arena. Also, I have been working on important audio parts for Assassin’s Creed Rogue and Assassin’s Creed Syndicate games.

I have mixed and mastered game music tracks by composer Jason Graves for Silent Hunter 5 and by composer Tom Salta for HAWX games.

I have strong musical knowledge, I play keyboards, guitars, bass guitar and occasionally percussion. I possess also strong skills in field recording techniques.

Examples of my work: Sport Sedan ConceptThe Power of Ten MonthsMaking of Ten MonthsSilent Hunter 3Silent Hunter 4Silent Hunter 5Blazing Angels 1Blazing Angels 2H.A.W.X.1H.A.W.X. 2Knights Arena.


  • Government of Children, documentary film, Bucharest, 2019, 5.1 and Stereo audio mixing, Title music.
  • Atinge, Bucharest, 2018-2019, VR interactive, Sound design, Voice recording and post-processing, Ambisonic audio mix.
  • 1916, theatre, Bucharest, 2018, Sound design and Music mix and master.
  • Bicicleta roz, Bucharest, 2018, VR interactive experience, Sound design, and voice recording and post-processing.
  • Odeon 360, movie, Bucharest, 2018, Sound Design, Music and Audio mix
  • Bucuresti 41 VR, VR interactive experience, Voice recording and post-processing, Ambisonic audio mix.

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