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LAD – Digital Animation


The mission of the Laboratory for Digital Animation is generating and using innovative techniques in the field of animation by combining traditional analogue animation with computerized techniques. The Animation lab is a place for cross-domain animation.

The lab primarily provides production space, tools and expertise for the animation programs at UNTAC, with a stated goal to participate in the re‑emergence of the Romanian animation industry.

As part of its academic strategy, UNATC “I.L.Caragiale” has developed both a Master’s and a Bachelor’s program in Animation, being the only university in Romania accredited in this field.


  • motion capture animation
  • use of robotic tools in animation through computerised control
  • animating virtual objects and generating computerized animation
  • animated computer graphics in various environments


  • Every year, the Laboratory for Digital Animation hosts an intensive animation workshop entitled Animation Worksheep. One of the ongoing projects of the Laboratory, through Worksheep, is the web miniseries in 12 episodes in pixel animation technique, entitled 10707 Prunariu Series, dedicated to the Romanian astronaut Dumitru-Dorin Prunariu.
  • București ReAnimat/ ReAnimating Bucharest—a project aimed at drawing attention to mural artworks in Bucharest. Some of these mural works were animated with the aid of worksheepers (young artists taking part in Animation Worksheep) and UNATC students from the Animation program. A mapping session was created for each of the major works in the city, in partnership with Les Ateliers Nomad. The overarching goal of this project is to lay the foundations of a genuine urban mythology of Bucharest, which has, just as many visual, conceptual and socio‑cultural resources as any other major cities in the world. And perhaps a drop of extra energy.


  • Animation studio (production space for motion capture and stop motion)
  • Computer graphics studio
  • Animoko
  • motion control for stop-frame animation
  • 3D scanner
  • 8 MacPro units with graphic tablets
  • 5 Canon DSLR with optics including cinema lenses


Vlad ILICEVICI, Coordinator of the Digital Animation Lab
Radu POP, Animation Technician
Ion ARAMĂ, 3D Technician
Laura POP, Animation Technician

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