The INTERACTIVE TECHNOLOGIES FOR PERFORMING AND MEDIA ARTS Master’s program trains specialists in interdisciplinary fields: sound and space designers, designers for interactive experiences, creative programmers. The curriculum is structured so as to provide students with technical and conceptual tools specific to the arts. By means of such tools, students can explore different types of interactive environments. Students are encouraged to design, implement and experiment with sound and visual interfaces, in order to develop interactive virtual environments, installations, augmented performances, with the use of digital design as a core concept in new types of performances. All teaching and applied activities are carried out in English, which provides graduates with easy integration into international creative and research teams.

The ART OF GAME DESIGN Master’s program is one of UNATC’s most recent academic programs. Courses are structured so as to provide theoretical knowledge and conceptual understanding of the phenomenon of creativity, as well as technical information and skills for game development and creation. Graduates will be able to become both game designers, having the necessary training to work in the industry, and also independent artists. During the two years of study, students will develop various gaming projects from analog prototypes to digital ones and will discover through practice the “rules of the game” as well as teamwork, in the CINETic laboratories. The development of this program in English is part of our university’s mission to internationalize its academic offer. The professors teaching in this program are specialists in the fields of film, theatre, IT programming. At the same time, we seek to train experts in emerging interdisciplinary or transdisciplinary fields in the labour market, not only in our country, but also worldwide.

The NEW MEDIA DESIGN Master’s program has been recently set up and aims at providing further knowledge of digital media with possible applications in film and new communication formats. Structured as an interdisciplinary program, the program offers both theoretical courses and applied activities in film directing, cinematography, sound and editing. Understanding the specificities of digital environments is deepened through hands on practical projects aimed at developing creativity, research and innovation in the field. Graduates will be professional new media technicians, ready to advise and participate in major projects in the film industry.

The ANIMATION FILM Master’s program aims at training specialists in this field in response to a real need for animators on the Romanian market. Going in-depth with various creative methods allows students to discover both classical and modern animation techniques, both 2D and 3D animations. The theoretical and practical information acquired within this program stimulates creativity through the development of increasingly inventive projects which entail the rapid and creative advance of the animation film industry in Romania.

The PERFORMING ART-THERAPY program aims to train specialists in the field of art therapies. The program provides the theoretical and practical knowledge necessary for therapeutic intervention based on different art forms, such as psychodrama, drama therapy or art therapy. The program forms skills and abilities specific to clinical therapeutic practice. A broad theoretical background provides students with the key principles of psychodynamic and humanistic psychotherapy, in accordance with current theories and research in art therapy. Courses in Psychology are done by professors and specialists from the Faculty of Psychology, University of Bucharest, as a partner in this Master’s program. Practical courses benefit from the teaching and creative experience of artistic practitioners, vocational higher education, as well as art therapy.