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Programul Operaţional Sectorial "Creşterea Competitivităţii Economice"
Centrul Internațional de Cercetare și Educație în Tehnologii Inovativ Creative – CINETic
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Performing Art-therapy




The PERFORMING ART‑THERAPY program aims to train specialists in the field of art therapies. The program provides the theoretical and practical knowledge necessary for therapeutic intervention based on different art forms, such as psychodrama, drama therapy or art the­rapy. The program forms skills and abilities specific to clinical thera­peutic practice. A broad theoretical background provides students with the key principles of psychodynamic and humanistic psychotherapy, in accordance with current theories and research in art therapy.

Courses in Psychology are done by professors and specialists from the Faculty of Psychology, University of Bucharest, as a partner in this Master’s program. Practical courses benefit from the teaching and cre­ative experience of artistic practitioners, vocational higher education, as well as art therapy.


First Year

  • Research methodology in psychological assistance and counselling
  • Elements of Psychological Counselling
  • Human development and psychological health
  • Theatre, drama therapy, psychodrama, sociodrama
  • Workshop for self‑knowledge through theatre and performing arts
  • Theatre Workshop—Animation Techniques (puppets, dolls, masks)
  • Theatre Workshop—Visual Arts (drawing, colour, modelling)
  • Personal identity through vocal and behavioural expression
  • Training of educational abilities
  • Organisational counselling
  • Academic ethics and integrity
  • Supervised practice in psychological counselling

Second Year

  • Psychological counselling elements
  • Workshop for self‑knowledge through theatre and performing arts
  • Theatre Workshop—Eurhythmics
  • Trends in art therapy
  • Theatre and psychodrama
  • Theatre in education
  • Theatre of daily life and dramaturgy of everyday life
  • Psychological counselling in an organizational context
  • The practice of psychological assistance
  • Supervised research practice in psychological assistance
  • Master’s thesis research and writing

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