(1) Digital Creative Techniques in Cinematography Lab


Maria Murgu, Ph.D. – Research Assistant

I’ve been painting for as long as I remember and because of this I followed UNA. After several summers spent on the set as an assistant set designer, I continued with a master degree in CAV at UNATC. In 2004, I got a job as a telecinema colorist. I had the chance  to witness and be part of a very interesting period because I was able to work on a few projects that mattered both in cinematografic perspective (4 weeks, 3 months and 2 years, etc.), as well as from technological developments. Practically there  were the times when romanian cinema and advertising market got updated. We moved from coloring, which meant in 2004 the transfer from film to digital, with all the painting, to film / digital transfer in a format dedicated to movie theaters – DCP or film – with more and more responsible painting.

In 2012, I started  a Phd theisis in order to share this experience with cinema and painting. I wanted to integrate what I had lived around the image. Meanwhile my area of interests has widened so much because the image and all this creative part is a major source of self-connecting for me. I followed an art therapy training program at the ARTE and Wiener Schule for Kunsttherapie (WSK) Austria and started working as a therapist. Color grading studio  is a space  where I can share my knowledge and experience about image, both as a painter and as a post-production professional.

For me, it is important that Cinetic has a dynamic and interdisciplinary structure in which I find the space to go beyond what I have gathered and to find the new, to discover, to explore the creative sides. I believe that learning experiences are rather research experiences and that they offer the chance to discover various resources.

Ștefan Pârlog – Research Assistant, Ph.D. student at the Center of Excellence in Image Studies, University of Bucharest

In 2010 he graduated the film faculty, the sound montage department, within UNATC. The master’s program was next, finalized in 2014 within CESI (Center for Excellence in Image Studies) with the thesis “Postmodern transformations and the fluidization of mediums”, where he studied the development trends of trans-medial narration, the convergence of mediums and the participative culture. In his Ph.D. paper, entitled “Apocalypse and the films with apocalyptic plot”, his focus was on analysing the relationship between the meta-narration of contemporary films with an apocalyptic plot and the present perception of the human being regarding the idea of apocalypse. From the professional perspective, he performed the montage activity for commercials, TV shows and short films, as an employee within post-production studios as well as freelancer. Within the CINETic center his focus is on developing a few scientific and educational research projects.

Mircea Crivoi – Coloring Postproduction Technician

(2) Digital Light-Sound Interaction Lab


Grigore Burloiu, Ph.D. – Researcher

Grigore Burloiu has recently defended his doctoral thesis “Dynamic Music Representations for Real-time Performance” at the Faculty of Electronics, Telecommunications and Information Technology within UPB. He also holds a MMus in music technology awarded by the University of Leeds. He is active in computer music design – augmentation of musical illustrations through generation and dynamic control. He collaborates with IRCAM Paris, where he also underwent a research internship, in the field of visualization of the dynamic processes for computer assisted music.

Ștefan Damian – Ph.D. student at the National University of Theatre and Film “I.L.Caragiale” in Bucharest

Stefan Damian is a sound designer, composer and audio programmer based in Bucharest. He has been involved in a vast range of projects including film sound, music production, music for motion picture, electroacoustic composition, multichannel diffusion, interactive sound installations, development of synthesis engines and DSP tools.

After graduating Film School at UNATC, where he received a BA in Film Sound and Montage, he pursued a Master’s degree at the state of the art Sonic Arts Research Centre (SARC) at Queen’s University Belfast, where he was awarded an MA in Sonic Arts. At the moment he is doing a PhD at UNATC researching new ways of interacting with sound in electroacoustic music. His main area of interests includes (but is not limited to): new media, electroacoustic and acousmatic music, psychoacoustics, sound synthesis, spatial sound and interactivity.

Mihai Gheorghiu – Sound Engineer

My name is Mihai Gheorghiu and I have been working for over 30 years in audio and more than 20 years in game audio domain.

I did the complete sound design and music mix and master for more than 20 big game titles including: Silent Hunter 3, 4 and 5, Blazing Angels 1 and 2, HAWX 1 and 2, Chess Master, Just Dance 4, Knights Arena. Also, I have been working on important audio parts for Assassin’s Creed Rogue and Assassin’s Creed Syndicate games.

I have mixed and mastered game music tracks by composer Jason Graves for Silent Hunter 5 and by composer Tom Salta for HAWX games.

I have strong musical knowledge, I play keyboards, guitars, bass guitar and occasionally percussion. I possess also strong skills in field recording techniques.

Examples of my work: Sport Sedan Concept, The Power of Ten Months, Making of Ten Months, Silent Hunter 3, Silent Hunter 4, Silent Hunter 5, Blazing Angels 1, Blazing Angels 2, H.A.W.X.1, H.A.W.X. 2, Knights Arena


(3) Digital Animation Lab


Matei Branea, Ph.D. – Vice-Rector with International Relations at the National University of Theatre and Film “I.L.Caragiale” in Bucharest

Matei Branea, the creator of OMULAN, is a visual philanthropist who grapples with the essential. Being an animation teacher at UNATC, he reveals everyday life in a satirical way, by adapting his style to various artistic mediums.

Portfolio: branea.ro     FB: Branealand

Vlad Ilicevici – Coordinator of the Digital Animation Lab and Ph.D. student at the National University of Theatre and Film “I.L.Caragiale” in Bucharest 

Vlad Ilicevici is the managing director of Animest IAFF and the founder of the Animation Worksheep, an eductional platform connected to the festival.

Worksheep is definitely his most accomplishing project so far. Among the 90 former worksheepers, more than 60 work now as animators or in animation related areas. With the help of trainers, partners and collaborators of the Animation Worksheep and also with the help of worksheepers themselves, Vlad is trying to create a solid animation community in Romania.

He is also a screenwriter, director & producer for his small animation studio, based in Bucharest. Last but not least, he is currently writing and shouting some Rock’n’Roll demented fairy tales with his progressive post traumatic blues quartet, Orkid.

Mirela Vlad, Ph.D. – Lecturer at the National University of Theatre and Film “I.L. Caragiale” Bucharest

Ion Aramă – 3D Technician

Radu Pop 


(4) Virtual Set Design and Augmented Reality Lab


Iuliana Gherghescu, Ph.D. – Researcher

Iulia Gherghescu, through her passion for rendering and painting discovered the absorbing and intense world of design. For her, CINETic is a frightening challenge and an opportunity to learn new things from modern perspectives. During her 10 years as a designer, she received a Master degree from Tulane University, a Ph.D. from UNATC and was selected for 3 editions of Prague Quadrennial of Performance Design and Space.

Marius Cătălin Hodea – Research Assistant, 3D Technician, Ph.D. student at the National University of Arts in Bucharest

I started from environmental, space and industrial design and went into a direction where experiencing space in real or virtual life combined with technology makes it a unique and new experience.

My main focus is on new media installation design that can be perceived for many uses from art to film.

The key element that I use is virtual reality medium because of its innovation in perceiving the media and space and also the excitement that it creates.

My academic background is: in the present I am a Ph.D. student at National University of Arts, Bucharest, studying spatial relations with the object between real and virtual environments. M.A. in Interior and Spatial Design.

Adrian Damian – Research Assistant, Ph.D. student at the University of Arts in Tg. Mureș

After graduating the Faculty of Theater and Television from Cluj-Napoca, Adrian Damian continued his studies at UNATC Bucharest, finishing scenography in 2010. Currently he is a PhD student at University of Arts in Târgu Mureș.

He signed so far over forty stage designs in important theaters from Romania, collaborating with famous national and international directors such as Roberto Bacci, Alexander Hausvater, Anna Stigsgaard, Peter Schnider, Radu Afrim, Alexandru Dabija, Radu Nica etc. A special place in his career is his collaboration with the director Mihai Măniuţiu with whom he conducted 21 performances such as Life is a Dream and Winter nominated by the UNITER Senate for BEST SCENOGRAPHY or Mr. Swedenborg wants to dream and Pirandello Coffe Shop awarded BEST PERFORMANCE – Oradea Theater Festival.

One of his major project was the collaboration with Robert Wilson, as an associated set designer for The Rhinoceros, by Eugene Ionesco, performed at the National Theater in Craiova in 2014.

He was awarded with Man of the year in Theater, Cotidianul Awards (2017), The UNITER Award for Best Scenographer (2016), Hungarian Theatre Critics’ Association Award – Best Scenography (2016), Kisvarda Hungarian Theaters Festival Award- Best Scenography (2016), Romanian Artist Association – Best Scenographer (2015).


(5) Digital Interaction Lab


Ioana Mischie – Research Assistant, Ph.D. student at the National University of Theatre and Film “I.L.Caragiale” in Bucharest

Ioana Mischie is a Romanian-born transmedia cinematic storyteller (screenwriter/director), awarded for filmmaking, VR, creative writing and interactive concepts. As a Fulbright Grantee Alumna of USC School of Cinematic Arts and Alumna of UNATC, her cinematic projects have traveled to more than 60 festivals worldwide (Palm Springs ISFF, Hamptons IFF, Thessaloniki IFF) or were developed in top international programs (Berlinale Talents, Sundance Workshop in Italy, Cannes International Screenwriters Pavilion, etc.). She has successfully collaborated as a writer/director with Channel 4 in the UK (for two doc webseries with a record of views in the UK) and with the Oscars-awarded Legende Films (for the short fiction “237 Years”). Cofounder and Head of Storyscapes, an NGO focussing on transmedia storytelling initiated in 2012 and arts-based research visionary thinker of CINETic since 2015. Envisioning the world as a neocreative playground, she deeply believes that storytellers are the “architects of the future” (Buckminster Fuller). VIMEO IMDB LINKEDIN

Vlad Constantin – Research Assistant, Ph.D. student at the University of Bucharest

Vlad Constantin was born in Călărași, Romania, in 1984 and he came to Bucharest after the Revolution of December 1989. After four years of being a student of the Economic Management Faculty, Academy of Economic Studies and of the Political Sciences Faculty within the National School for Political Sciences and Public Administration, Vlad decided to become a student of the Staging Faculty of UNATC, which he graduated in 2010. He graduated the Master’s Program in the field of Sound and Montage within the same Film Faculty and he was a student for three more years within the Faculty of History and Theory of Art – UNARTE. At present he is a student within the Master’s Program regarding the Theory and Practice of Image within CESI and a post-graduate student in the second year within the Philosophy Faculty of the University of Bucharest.

His creations have as starting point the human behavior and the relationship between dream and reality, false and original. Sensitive observer of the challenges of the new millennium, Vlad recreates simple structures of actions in order to point out the subtle coordinates which determine and which engage our will when searching for the truth within the information ballast specific to the contemporary world. By not considering the film an end product, but an “eternal” question (which survives its author), a tool of meditation, he states that: “The movie does not display only the background necessary for ethical introspection, but it imposes through its simple (magic) presence such reflections. The cinema must take responsibility for the power that it has and must prove this by developing a new type of language, capable to forward in time the essence of humankind.” Film – in the capacity of director: Apartmentul 29 (2007) (short), Rampa Skaterilor (2007) (short) (documentary), Acoperisul (2008) (short), Tranzit (2010) (short)
In Oglinda Elodiei (2010) (short) (documentary), Cele trei Roxanici (2011) (short) (documentary), Si Eu (2011) (short), Cineva o sa va sune (2012) (short), Academicianul (2015) (short), Precum coralii care cresc sub apa (2016) (short); in the capacity of editor: Cele trei Roxanici (2011) (short) (documentary), Despre ea (2012) (short), Cineva o sa va sune (2012) (short), Academicianul (2015) (short).

Ciprian Făcăeru – VR Technician, Ph.D. student at the National University of Theatre and Film “I.L.Caragiale” in Bucharest

Bogdan Mustață – Ph.D. student at the National University of Theatre and Film “I.L.Caragiale” in Bucharest

Andrei Ungureanu – Software Engineer

Bogdan Ceangu – Motion Control and Motion Capture Technician

Experienced director, currently producer, motion control and motion capture specialist, with an award-winning history. Working in the media production industry for the past nine years. Skilled in cinematography, non-linear editing, motion graphics, compositing, grading, music videos, advertising, and moco/mocap. Director focused in Film and Web-media. Graduated from Universitatea Media, Film/Tv Directing Class of 2010. https://vimeo.com/bogdanceangu

Geo Nită – Camera operator

Graduate of the Film Faculty within UNATC Bucharest, member of the Association of Photographers. He militates for training through specialized education and a correct perception of the audio-visual art. He is a partisan and a promoter of ideas that animate cinephiles and audiophiles alike, as well as a fan of home cinema.

Ionuț Dumitrașcu – Lights Technician


(6) Cognitive Development and Applied Psychology through Immersive Experiences Lab


Alexandra Huh – Research Assistant, Ph.D. student at the Babeș-Bolyai University in Cluj Napoca

Alexandra is passionate about people, psychology, neuroscience and movies. At the moment she is a PhD. student at Babeș-Bolyai University, Cognitive Neuroscience Laboratory. Her main research interest is the study of emotion, cognition and the interaction between them, using electrophysiological (EEG / ERP) and behavioral measurements. Because of her desire to better understand how different theater and film elements give rise to certain emotions and how they influence our neurophysiological activity, she decided to collaborate with CINETic.



Nicolae Mandea, Ph.D. – Founder of CINETic

Associate professor Nicolae Mandea, Rector of the National University of Theatre and Film “I.L.Caragiale” in Bucharest and founder of CINETic. He has also been actively involved as either initiator, coordinator, consultant or member of various educational, artistic, scientific and research projects, the most recent of which being the unique Master’s Program in the Art of Game Design. He currently teaches Theatre Directing and Stage Writing at UNATC Bucharest.

Alexandru Berceanu, Ph.D. – Director of CINETic

Alexandru Berceanu is currently the Director of CINETic where he also works as a researcher in the MET project. His interest in neuroscience started during his PhD studies when he worked on BCI interfaces in real time for detecting arousal changes in spectators, along other psychological aspects involved in the viewing of violent actions in theatre. Based on this interest, in 2013 he initiated the CINETic center for interdisciplinary research at UNATC “I.L.Caragiale” where he was teaching directing. He coordinated the grant proposal and later on worked as deputy director in the implementation phase of CINETic.

Alexandru Berceanu is also an independent director and cultural manager. He directed numerous theatre performances in both state and independent theatres which won national and international awards. He is a founding member of the dramAcum NGO. Starting from his interest in new playwriting and extending performance areas, Alexandru Berceanu has collaborated in interdisciplinary projects like Immersive and Subversive Installation 1958-1958, he wrote Mickey on the Danube, a graphic novel and he directed VR experiences such as Bucharest 41 and Touch.

Alexandru Berceanu’s artistic practice combines documentary work with artistic intervention. His work is centered on discrimination, violence and the consequences of politics at individual level. During his performance entitled interface 3, music was generated in real time from EEG, through computing algorithms and emotion recognition approaches. He co-wrote and directed the play Skin Look based on his documentation of the Roma identity in Turkey and Romania.

Elena Belciu, Ph.D. – Programs Coordinator at CINETic

Elena Belciu worked for 10 years in a UNESCO international body, in the field of academic theater. She has coordinated the organization of three world festivals of theatre schools, countless events, productions, performances, theater tours, conferences, workshops, master classes, in Romania and abroad (India, Singapore, Australia, South Korea, China, Mexico, Peru, Germany, Spain, Poland, Ukraine, Bulgaria, Russia etc.)

She has a Bachelor’s Degree in Philology and two Master’s Degrees – one in British Cultural Studies at the University of Bucharest and one in Musical Theater with a full semester of studies at the Central Academy of Drama in Beijing, China. In 2017, she received her Doctoral Degree with a thesis investigating the comic ethos in the Western dramatic canon. The same year, she represented Romania in the International Leadership Visitor Program (IVLP) – Promoting Social Change Through the Arts, at the invitation of the US Department of State, with programs in Washington, New York, San Francisco and Denver.

She is passionate about the history of ideas, classical art and silence.

Dumitru Tănase – Tech Coordinator

Dumitru Tanase (born February 5th, 1991) is a graduate of the Polytechnic University in Bucharest, Faculty of Energy and Energy Management. He has come to coordinate the administrative work of the CINETIC center due to his seriousness and perseverance. Employed since the project implementation period, he helped to complete the project by handling various management tasks.

Currently, he is Technical Coordinator at CINETic and handles the operation of the CNC Router and the 3D printer, providing technical support for other equipment as well. He provides support to UNATC students to use the CINETic equipment for their diploma and/or dissertation projects.

He is also involved in the MET research project – “Development of a Methodology of Therapy through Theatre with an effect at the Neurochemical and Neurocognitive Levels – MET”, as an audio-video technician.

Implementation team of the CINETic project 2014-2016

Nicolae Mandea

Alexandru Berceanu

Adrian Titieni

Dumitru Damian

Mariana Cămărășan

Ioana Călin

Adriana Tran

Emil Banea

Emilia Alexandru

Camelia Bunea

Special thanks

Răzvan Vasilescu

Ovidiu Răduleț

Neil Coltofeanu

Alexandru Sterian

Mihaela Dinu

Mirela Rusu

And to all those who supported the implementation of this project.