25 May – 2 June 2019


CINETic is organizing an international experimental CHOREOGRAPHIC WORKSHOP, with a team of artists, choreographers, anthropologists, animators and sound specialists, over the course of a week at the end of May. The results of the workshop will be presented in the form of a public performance at Club CONTROL on June 2nd 2019.

We are looking for 6 confirmed dancers. No style restriction.

You should be willing to work on an improvisation basis, and to develop your own body/gesture repertoire for dance.

The workshop is based on a listening soundscape experience, starting from field recordings taken around Văcărești Lake. What does sound create in you? How does it initiate your movements?

You will work with digital sensors that allow you to control your sound surroundings. See: & previous experiments:

You will work in parallel with the Animation Worksheep Special Session – a team of motion graphics designers and animators who will draw scapes which evolve with sound and movement.

Your activity will take place at CINETic in three phases:

       25/26/27th May 2019 – dance / impro / listening

       28/29/30th May 2019 – interacting with technology

       31st May 2019 /1st/2nd June 2019 – putting it all together for the final performance


APPLICATIONS: (CV + short letter of intent)

Contact: Elena Belciu, programs coordinator at CINETic – 0746230481 or


Anne Dubos is an anthropologist and a transmedia artist. Her research focuses on both fundamental objects (such as Indian aesthetics, cognition, praxeology) and the design of experimental devices for theatre and dance. Since 2005, Anne Dubos traces the study of the history of Indian theatres and highlights the variety of techniques of the body of the actor. In search of new paradigms, she questions today the emergence of new theories on the perception of movement and cognition. She founded the company Little Heart Movement, in which dancers, actors, digital artists, engineers, computer scientists, singers, musicians, anthropologists, geographers, architects, psychologists and (bio) mechanics collaborate. In Paris as well as in India, she organizes interdisciplinary workshops where each actor is invited to improvise within a recording device, both as an author and as an interpreter of the trace that it forms with its body within the common space of a collective framework narrative. Website:

Frederic Bevilacqua is head of the Sound Music Movement Interaction team at IRCAM – Centre Pompidou. His research concerns sound, music, and movement interaction, from modeling to applications (music, dance, pedagogy, gaming, rehabilitation).

Bertrand Signorelli is a Nantes-based motion designer.

Harry Powell is a motion designer.

Grigore Burloiu is a researcher at the CINETic center, heading the Sound-Light Digital Interaction Lab, and coordinating the recently established Interactive Technology for Performing and Media Arts MA programme. His research interests include motion sonification and interactive music systems.

Vlad Ilicevici is the coordinator of the Digital Animation Lab at CINETic and founder of the Animation Worksheep, an educational platform aimed at creating a solid animation community in Romania. Vlad is also a screenwriter, director & producer for his small animation studio, based in Bucharest. Last but not least, he is currently writing and shouting some Rock’n’Roll demented fairy tales with his progressive post traumatic blues quartet, Orkid.