CINETic is honoured to invite you to the AUGMENTING PERFORMANCE International Interdisciplinary Conference (15-17 November 2019), dedicated to graduate and postgraduate students, professors and researchers in the fields of arts and technology. DETAILS AND REGISTRATION: HERE


CINETic develops technological innovation and research in the fields of digital interaction and applied neuroscience in performing arts

The International Center for Research and Education in Innovative Creative Technologies was founded as a department of UNATC “I.L. Caragiale” in 2014. The establishment of CINETic was financed through a POSCCE grant of € 8 million, having as objective the opening of new research centers and developing already existing ones. The grant allowed UANTC to acquire a building for CINETic and provide its six laboratories with state-of-the-art equipment for digital interaction, worth more than € 3.5 million.

CINETic’s mission is to develop knowledge and innovate at international level in the fields of performing arts and film, as well as in the fields that lead to their growth and transformation. The knowledge acquired in theatre and film is expanded through research and innovation, within interdisciplinary projects that bring together art, science and technology.


1. Creative Digital Techniques for Film (LIC)

2. Digital Light-Sound Interaction (LIS)

3. Digital Animation (LAD)

4. Virtual Set Design and Augmented Reality (LAR)

5. Digital Interaction (LID)

6. Cognitive Development and Applied Psychology through Immersive Experiences (LDCAPEI)


Some of the most significant tech systems at CINETic include:

• CAVE-CIN – an automatic virtual environment with immersive stereoscopy projection system on four screens and multiple interaction tools;

• motion capture system with infrared cameras and facial motion capture system;

• motion analysis system with high speed video cameras;

• motion control systems for the control of camera movements in robotic regime;

• full 3D production flow for cinematography, animation and sets, with Alexa SXT, Red Dragon, with spherical and anamorphic optics;

• production tools including 3D printing and CNC router;

• various physiological data collection systems (eye-tracking, GSR, ECG, EMG etc.) and high-density electroencephalography (EEG) with 256 channels.


CINETic – a space for experiments and interdisciplinary innovation

The International Center for Research and Education in Innovative Creative Technologies is a long-term ambitious project of UNATC “I.L. Caragiale”, geared towards increasing the role of art in society, through the development of research and innovation. CINETic intends to be an international center of excellence in the field of digital interaction, with high impact in the development of art innovation in Romania.

Artists are natural born researchers. There would be no art without research. Whether it was research for new pigments, better mastery of the body or stronger ways of rendering emotions through stories, artists have always been in search of new tools and knowledge. While science shows its results in theory and in technical innovation, the results of research in art can be found in artistic products: films, plays, digital content and sometimes in theories. The awaited feeling of magic which surrounds the work of art can be so hard to overcome for spectators that sometimes the powers of artists, acquired through practice and research were attributed to the devil.

While the mastery of skills and knowledge in their own fields of practice enable artists to produce amazement and admiration for their work, it also produces extreme formalism which brings distance between artists and the audience. At CINETic, we try to bring art, science and technologies together, attempting to bridge the space between art and science through technology.

I hope that CINETic is charting an area of experiment and interdisciplinary innovation that I have always desired during my student years as well as in my work as director.

Alexandru Berceanu, PhD

Director of CINETic