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LIC – Creative Digital Techniques for Film


The mission of the Laboratory for Creative Digital Techniques for Film is to provide the most advanced tools for digital processing at film industry level for students, teaching and research staff, and to develop expertise in the use of digital tools for film. Creating a critical mass of CGI and VFX experts is a necessary target for the development of the filed at the national level.

In the last 30 years, film has gone through a major transformation going from analogue to digital production and distribution. The digital environment has increased the work speed, as well as the profits, due to its level of attractiveness and the quality of the end products— films, media content, games etc. At the same time, it also made possible new working methods and generated more and more creative ways of expression. Film specialists and media content creators are fully dependent on digital technical support. Digital tools bring new powers to film creators through CGI and VFX, alongside traditional editing techniques.

Most productions of the MA film students at UNATC are graded in this lab, where students also receive training in grading.

The lab also hosts a series of CGI workshops and classes for both students and teachers.

The lab provides space and tools for student projects of the following Master’s programs at UNATC:

  • Film Directing
  • Cinematography
  • Film Editing
  • Film and Sound Editing
  • New Media Design


  • Government of Children, directed by Ioana Mischie


  • Grading Studio
  • Main Editing Room
  • 6 editing spaces
  • Two technological lines—grading and video editing, coloring units, extension boxes, LTO, monitors dedicated to coloring, Da Vinci grading consoles, 4K Barco DP4KP video‑projector, DCP player and maker, spectrometer.
    7 graphics stations dedicated to video editing, with specific software, also covering stereoscopic postproduction.
  • Editing and grading units connected through a physical network, with joint access to a storage unit of 140 TB, essential for big data transfers specific to 4K resolution. The data network can have a transfer speed of up to 10 GB for 6 graphic units.


Maria MURGU, Research Assistant
Bogdan ALEXANDRU, Editing Technician
Mircea CRIVOI, Postproduction coloring technician

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