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Open Research Positions

Open Research Positions

International research project MET seeks PhD student for part time job in analyzing fMRI data.

Developing a Methodology of Therapy Through Theatre with an Effect at the Neurochemical and Neurocognitive Levels. (

The MET project aims to develop a methodology for therapy through theatrical tools, with an effect at the neurochemical and neurocognitive levels. In collaboration with our partners, we use behavioral, electrophysiological, biochemical and imaging techniques, to determine how minimalist theatrical practices impact stress level and social closeness.

Experience in using MATLAB and UNIX for fMRI Data.

Proficiency in using statics and statics software.

Experience with neuroimaging tools FSL and/or SPM.

Similar experience requested published results.

Expected inputs in the project: participating in designing experiments, analyzing data, writing results, participating at lab meetings.

Type of contract: telework or for 4 hours, for non-EU citizens work permit arrangements need to be made in Bucharest.

For Bucharest resident’s workspace can be provided at CINETic Centre.

Estimated gross salary/month 1000 EUROs for 84 hours/month.

Estimated net salary after Romanian Taxes (Health, Pension, Tax on Income) /month: 630 EUROs.

Data acquisition will be performed on a 3 TESLA Siemens MRI at a medical facility in Bucharest.

Letters of intent and inquiries will be sent at:

Procedures for job application if letter of intent is accepted:


1. The candidate is a doctoral student in neuroscience /neuroimaging/medical physics / medical engineering / other relevant fields)

2. The candidate has not been employed by UNATC IL Caragiale

3. The candidate will be responsible, among others, data processing and analysis, participation results publication.

In accordance with the provisions of Government Decision no. 286 of 23.03.2011 for the approval of the Framework Regulation on establishing the general principles for filling a vacant or temporary vacancy corresponding to contractual positions and the criteria for promotion to immediately higher professional ranks or ranks of contract staff in the budgetary sector paid from public funds, score for each sample is a maximum of 100 points, and the minimum limit of individual promotion of the samples is 50 points for the contractual execution functions.

Type of competition tests:

– written test on fMRI data analysis;

– interview.

The tests and the display of the results take place online or at the headquarters of the International Center for Research and Education in Innovative Creative Technologies – CINETic, 3B Tudor Arghezi Street, sector 2, Bucharest, behind the Bucharest National Theater.

The persons interested in acquiring the quality of candidate must present in the stage of registration for the competition, the following:

·      application form for job position;

·      copy of the identity document, or of any other document attesting the identity;

·      copy of the document certifying the change of name (marriage certificate) if applicable;

·      copies of documents certifying the level of studies and other documents showing the performance of specializations, as well as copies of documents showing the fulfillment of the specific conditions imposed by the post – the eligible level is a doctoral student;

·      list of publications;

·      criminal record or a statement on his own responsibility that he has no criminal record that would make him incompatible with the position for which he is running;

·      medical certificate attesting the corresponding state of health, issued no later than 6 months prior to the contest;

·      curriculum vitae in European format – signed and dated.

·      UNATC (Human Resources) certificate proving that he has not been employed by the University

·      two letters of recommendations

Further data:

·       FSL:

·       SPM – Statistical Parametric Mapping: SPM2 Software – Statistical Parametric Mapping

SPM2 Software – Statistical Parametric MappingSPM2 software

Principal Investigator

Assistant Professor MD PhD Ioana Carcea

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