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  • Email: 
  • Mobile phone: +40741215599
  • Educational affiliation: Dep. of Animation and Interactivity
  • Other affiliations: University Politehnica of Bucharest (Guest Lecturer)

Academic interests

  • interactive music systems
  • motion sonification
  • tempo and timing

Research Project

My interest is the development of expressive accompaniment systems (EAS) for machine musicianship, which are time-aware on multiple scales. Particular topics include: implementing dynamic timing and timbre adjustment into an expressive drum machine, endowing interactive music systems (IMS) with multimodal feedback, and interactive machine learning for the above functions from the micro (millisecond), to the supra (between performances) scale. I have also done practice-led research into motion and gesture sonification for interactive performance.

Tasks Performed

Since 2017, I’ve been coordinating the Interactive Technology for Performing and Media Arts (ITPMA) MA programme, where I teach Creative Coding and Interactive Music Systems and supervise student projects and dissertations. I also teach Game Development and Digital Games Prototyping in the Art of Game Design (AGD) MA programme.


I defended my PhD thesis, Dynamic Music Representations for Real-Time Performance, in 2016 at the University Politehnica of Bucharest. In 2014-15 I worked as a visiting doctoral researcher on the Antescofo project at IRCAM, Paris. Previously I completed an MMus in Music Technology and Computer Music (with Distinction) at the University of Leeds. My main drive has always been the potential for dynamic augmentation of musical expression.

Outside academia, my main passions are noisy music, 20th century cinema, and road cycling. However, they have all taken a back seat since I became a dad in June 2018.


  • Burloiu, G., “Interactive learning of microtiming in an expressive drum machine,” Joint Conference on AI Music Creativity (AIMC), Oct 2020.
  • Burloiu, G., Damian, S. & Mihai, V. (2018). Layered motion and gesture sonification in an interactive installation. Journal of the Audio Engineering Society (JAES), 66(10), 770-778.
  • Burloiu, G., Cont, A., & Poncelet, C. (2017). A visual framework for dynamic mixed music notation. Journal of New Music Research, 46(1), 54-73.
  • Burloiu, G., “An Online Tempo Tracker for Automatic Accompaniment based on Audio-to-audio Alignment and Beat Tracking,” Sound and Music Computing (SMC), Sep 2016.
  • Burloiu, G., “Online score-agnostic tempo models for automatic accompaniment,” Music and Machine Learning workshop (MML), Sep 2016.
  • Burloiu, G., Berceanu, A. & Crețu, C., “EEG-powered Soundtrack for Interactive Theatre,” in Workshop on Auditory Neuroscience, Cognition and Modelling (WANCM), Feb 2016.

See more at ORCID.


  • NOVA, interactive installation (sound interaction design, w/ Dorin Cucicov, RIZI), 2022
  • THE OTHERS (Ioana Paun), interactive performance (sound interaction design), 2022
  • WHITE IMPRINT (Alexandru Berceanu), interactive installations (ML code for NLP and vision, w/ Dorin Cucicov), 2022
  • CORPUS VIDERUM (Ryan Walsh), interactive performance/installation (interaction design, w/ Hans Brouwer), Sydney 2022
  • VIOLIN CONCERTO (Fred Popovici), live electronics (computer music design, w/ Patricia Kopatchinskaja), 2021
  • LOST INTERFERENCES (Alexandru Berceanu, Constantin Basica), transmedia performance/installation (web development), 2021
  • NETWORK OF EMOTIONS (Adrian Damian), interactive installation (sound interaction design), 2021
  • ROBOTS-IN-RESIDENCE (Goethe Institut), programming the Nao robot (mentor), 2021
  • CINETic RESIDENCIES, online artistic collaborations (research, consulting), 2020
  • BIOS: digital exploration of the Anthropocene, interactive installations and art-based research (mentor), 2020
  • STRING QUARTET (Fred Popovici), live electronics (computer music design, w/ Constantin Popp & Arditti Quartet), Bucharest-Freiburg, 2019
  • URBAN DELTA SCAPES, interactive multimedia performance (research, computer music design), Bucharest, 2019
  • FETE DES LUMIERES, student interactive installations (supervision), Leipzig-Lyon, 2018-2019
  • MONSTER (Laura Pop), animation short film (sound design), 2018
  • NOVA LAB @Point, interactive performance workshop (instructor), Bucharest, 2018
  • SOLO SHOW (Andreea Ciobica), interactive installation (coding & design, w/ Teodor Stoenescu), Bucharest, 2017
  • SOUNDTHIMBLE, motion capture sonification framework (research, coding), 2016-ongoing
  • CONCERTO (Fred Popovici), live electronics (computer music design, w/ Ensemble Modern), Bucharest, 2016
  • NATALIA, TURN THE LIGHTS ON (Ioana Paun), installation (coding & design, w/ Teodor Stoenescu), Klagenfurt, 2015
  • INTERFACE (Alexandru Berceanu), interactive theatre (coding & design), 2014-2015
  • PANDREA, noise rock band (guitar, writing), 2003-2007 & 2012-2017


  • “Bursele ANIS” (2019). Awarded for the “Creative Coding 3: Machine Learning” @ ITPMA M.A. course. Link.

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