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Arts-based Research Assistant

Transmedia Artist / Futurist

  • Email:
  • Mobile phone: +40 724 741 411
  • CINETic Lab: Digital Interaction
  • Other affiliations: USC – School of Cinematic Arts, Los Angeles, California (Fulbright Grantee Alumna) & UNATC – PhD  studies

Academic interests

  • Transmedia worldbuilding
  • Transmedia storytelling
  • Transmedia futurism
  • Transmedia art
  • Unconventional narrative structures
  • Immersive art
  • XR (VR, AR, MR) storytelling 
  • Transdisciplinary practices
  • Expanded Cinema
  • Interactive and Immersive Concepts
  • Augmented poetry
  • Noetic philosophies
  • Participatory workflows
  • Strategic thinking, visionary thinking

Research Project

In my doctoral research project, I am investigating how narrative structures, spectatorship models, authorship models are radically transformed in a transmedia context. In particular, I generate and test transmedia concepts, original franchises and methodologies in the context of new technologies (with a focus on XR). In the most recent months, my focus is mostly on co-generating what I call “tangible utopias” – civic imaginaries for better societies. I tend to approach contemporary cinematic art from transmedia, trans-temporal, trans-spatial and trans-generational angles.

Tasks Performed

At the CINETic lab I create arts-based research projects such as Government of Children, an original transmedia universe and test their artistic, civic, educational boundaries. In addition to this, I also lead two annual classes on Transmedia Art for the two MA degrees – The Art of Game Design and ITPMA and numerous transmedia-oriented workshops, panels and open debates. 


Ioana Mischie is a Romanian-born cinematic storyteller (writer/director), awarded for filmmaking, creative writing,  interactive concepts and a Fulbright Scholar Alumna of USC School of Cinematic Arts, researching transmedia storytelling and XR as part of her doctoral study. After graduating UNATC’s storytelling-driven BA and MA,  her cinematic projects as writer/director have traveled to more than 70 festivals worldwide (Palm Springs ISFF, Hamptons IFF, Thessaloniki IFF), were developed in prestigious international programs (Berlinale Talents, Sundance Workshop in Italy, Cannes International Screenwriters Pavilion etc.) and obtained international awards (Best Feature Script – FEST, Best Interactive Project – The Steamer Salon, Best Creative Project – SXSW Hackathon). She has successfully collaborated as a writer/director with Channel 4 in the UK (for two doc webseries with a record of views in the UK) and with the Oscars-awarded Legende Films (for the short fiction “237 Years”). Cumulonimbus, one of her short film, has received a Gopo Awards nomination for The Best Short Film and was selected by Gus Van Sant as a finalist out of 1000 entries in The Coppola Shorts Competition.

This year, she released a first holistic transmedia project, Government of Children (3D film, web, XR).

Co-founder and Head of Storyscapes, an NGO focusing transmedia storytelling and expanded narratives initiated in 2012 and since 2015 programs coordinator and later on arts-based research assistant in CINETic. Member of Women in Film and Television Los Angeles since 2018. Envisioning the world as a neo-creative playground, she deeply believes that storytellers are the architects of the future (Buckminster Fuller).



  • May 2019 | MIT Democracy and Digital Media, Paper Presentation on Volumetric VR and the Nostalgic Imaginaries of the Marginal, MIT, Cambridge, Massachusetts
  • Oct 2018 | First Forum Conferences, USC School of Cinematic Arts, Los Angeles, California (“Advocating for Multi-Layered Archival in an Time of (Tech) Emergence and  (Cultural) Emergency (Case Study: The Wetland – An Expanded Cinematic Virtual Reality Installation” – installation by Ioana Mischie)
  • Mar 2018 | CILECT North America Sound and Storytelling Conference: “Exploring Expressive Uses of Sound in Media” – Chapman University, Los Angeles, USA  (“Signature Sound – A Form of Expanded Storytelling in Virtual Reality and Interactive Documentaries”  paper presentation and panel by Ioana Mischie)


  • GOVERNMENT OF CHILDREN, original transmedia universe (3D documentary feature / participatory web extensions / XR extensions), Romania/California 2019-ongoing (trailer)
  • THE WETLAND, cinematic virtual reality series, 2018 – ongoing (trailer) *GoEast Open Frame Award
  • THE DEPORTED, cinematic virtual reality series by JoVRnalism, 2018 (web) *The Webby Award Winner
  • UNSILENCED VOICES, participatory web series, 2019 *Cannes Lions nomination (trailer)
  • 237 YEARS, fiction short, 2017 (trailer) *Palm Springs ISFF, Hamptons IFF
  • CUMULONIMBUS, expanded short fiction, 2017 (trailer) *Gopo Nominee for the Best Short Film *Thessaloniki IFF
  • DreamNA, XR prototype 2018 *Best Creative Project @ SXSW Hackathon 2018
  • My hero since I was 1 second old, interactive web world prototype 2016, Best Project @ The Steamer Salon
  • For an updated portfolio check out these additional playgrounds: Vimeo & IMDB.

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