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PANEL: Transdisciplinary skills in creative industries

PANEL: Transdisciplinary skills in creative industries

Saturday, November 16th, 2019, 10:00 am | CINETIC – Multifunctional Hall (3B, Tudor Arghezi street, entrance through the TNB parking lot)

Free entry – limited seats (60)

Creative industries represent a priority in the European economic field, considered as generators of both economic growth and an increased level of satisfaction and quality of life.

According to statistics from Romania, the field of creative industries has an almost 7 percent contribution to the GDP ( -si-creative /) and it is one of the most dynamic sectors in terms of entrepreneurial initiative in Romania.

The creative industries branch is a complex domain, consisting of art disciplines (film, performing arts), interdisciplinary fields (architecture, design, game production, curating) or technical ones (software production and related fields).

Romanian universities are generally specialized in either technical or artistic fields, so this panel sets out to identify the mechanisms by which the Romanian educational potential could be maximized in the field of creative industries.

That is why we want to discuss the need for our country and the world to have technical and artistic cross-cutting skills in order to create a globally competitive creative industries sector.

The creative industries domain has one of the highest rates of value added products and is part of the field of intelligent specialization (according to Miuți Ruxandra, Carată Andrei in ”The potential of intelligent specialization in the field of creative industries” 2017).


MODERATOR: Professor Dan Vasiliu, PhD | Director of the Doctoral School,
UNATC „I.L. Caragiale” Bucharest

Alex M. Dascălu | Managing Director
Bucharest Chapter of Founder Institute | Bucharest, Romania

Professor Ioan Cristescu, PhD | Director
National Museum of Romanian Literature | Bucharest, Romania

Professor Nicolae Gheorghiță, PhD | Vice-Rector
National University of Music |Bucharest, Romania

Architect Emil Ivănescu | President
Bucharest Order of Architects (OAR)

Professor Dinu Dumbrăvician, PhD
National University of Arts Bucharest | Faculty of Decorative Arts and Design | Design Department

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