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The ASCII Dreams project is an object book illustrated procedurally and presented alongside an interactive installation. The book is a collection of dreams gathered during quarantine caused by the COVID-19 virus. These dreams are represented visually through the written text as well as through graphic illustrations created procedurally with ASCII symbols. The dream collection will be physically printed and along with it an interactive installation will introduce the reader into an ascii world that will amplify the dream atmosphere present in the text.

How it works

The user approaches the book & installation and a kinect sensor receives infrared information in regards to his proximity. When he is in the front of the pedestal where the physical book is situated music and sounds starts to play. The kinect sensor is mapped is such a way in which if the user moves his hands specific mapped sounds will trigger. In front of the pedestal where the book is situated a screen will display the users own body converted into ascii symbols alongside with the music and the generated speech that contains references to the stories that are written in the book.

Project credits: Ionuț Cravă | Romania

UNATC Garden Bucharest | part of ARS ELECTRONICA FESTIVAL 2020

In an empty nature lot in the middle of Bucharest in Distant Art, works developed during lockdown by students of Interactive Technologies for Performing and Media Arts, and Art of Game Design are exhibited in the Ars Electronica Festival 2020.

UNATC Garden Bucharest Youtube Channel: https://cinetic.art…

UNATC Garden also presents the results of the online collaboration between five international artists, virtually gathered in CINETic Residencies, active in interactive art and CINETic Centre researchers and artists.


CINETic Centre opens for online collaborations with artists working with interactive technologies. The CINETic team is interested in working with machine learning and generative tools, human and object telepresence and mixed reality solutions.

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