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CONTROLLed | ParadiseSwing

Description of the artwork: 

CONTROLLed is an interactive installation that consists of a game played with inputs driven by simple machine learning algorithms. The purpose is to use natural-based gestures to add a new and deeper layer of interaction on a prototype of a game, making the experience of playing as natural as speaking or smiling. In a classic experience of playing a game, the users sometimes have to press a button hundreds of times per minute, without having the real awareness of their actions.
The experience is a sitting type and the interaction uses 3 different inputs. The first one is the Leap Motion sensor, placed horizontally on the table, in front of the user. Its role is to control the direction, left and right, of the flying experience of Aladdin through an old Arabic town. A hand movement towards left or right shifts Aladdin’s position in the same direction. The second input is face-tracking and it consists of a webcam that recognizes the user’s face approaching or distancing from the webcam. The face is responsible with the actual flying. When the player is going near the webcam Aladdin starts flying, whereas distancing will make him stop. The third input is voice control, using the microphone built in a regular webcam. I used only two commands, “Open” and “Close”. These are related with the obstacles that Aladdin needs to overcome in his journey. On his path, the character must go through different castles with big gates and doors. The voice commands are responsible with opening and closing those doors, but additional commands and actions can be implemented. This experience is created in Unity and all the inputs are done with machine learning software Wekinator and linked to Unity with OSC (open sound control).

Description of the artwork: 

ParadiseSwing is a VR experience that brings a swing to anyone’s living room. From the opening scene, the user is invited to choose from 3 different experiences. The first one consists of a nature-based environment, the user being able to swing from the top of a mountain while enjoying the scenery. There are 3 modes of swinging to choose from: Relax, Bold and for the
strong-hearted ones, Extreme, which also includes a deep dive into the lake underneath.
The second experience happens on a very high platform, above a canyon, in a rocky landscape.
The user can still choose from 3 types of swinging, including different levels of adrenaline. For example, users can jump on a trampoline or can use a parachute to reach the ground.
Last, the third option offers the chance to free swing inside a cozy environment and to fully personalize the experience. The user can change the lights, the music, the view, or can set the intensity of the swing.
The purpose of ParadiseSwing is to create an experience that serves as a relaxation method, while also helping users overcome their fears.
This virtual reality experience is created using Unity and is utilizing Oculus Rift or Quest with a Link cable and the touch controllers for the interaction.


Emil Drăgan

Emil Dragan | Romania is a student at the National University of Theatre and Film in Bucharest, currently working towards his Master’s degree in Interactive Technology for Performing Media and Arts.

His main interest is the study of interactivity as a means of communication, with a special focus on virtual and augmented reality applications.

The centerpiece of his installations and created content is represented by children, a special emphasis being placed on finding the best methods of integrating new technologies in the learning process.

During his master’s studies, he created several projects that were exhibited in major national and international exhibitions, such as BINAR and RADAR (Romanian Artists Developing

Alternative Realities) in Bucharest, AMURAL V in Brasov, IDC (Interaction Design for Children) in London.

Emil Dragan has a bachelor’s degree in film directing, that allowed him to learn and put into practice the key aspects of cinematography. By fostering collaboration, he led a team of filmmakers into working on several joint projects that were selected to a number of national and international festivals.

UNATC Garden Bucharest | part of ARS ELECTRONICA FESTIVAL 2020

In an empty nature lot in the middle of Bucharest in Distant Art, works developed during lockdown by students of Interactive Technologies for Performing and Media Arts, and Art of Game Design are exhibited in the Ars Electronica Festival 2020.

UNATC Garden Bucharest Youtube Channel: https://cinetic.art…

UNATC Garden also presents the results of the online collaboration between five international artists, virtually gathered in CINETic Residencies, active in interactive art and CINETic Centre researchers and artists.


CINETic Centre opens for online collaborations with artists working with interactive technologies. The CINETic team is interested in working with machine learning and generative tools, human and object telepresence and mixed reality solutions.

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