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Plastic Biosphere

Description of the artwork:

A silhouette of the audience’s body pixelates an anthropocene landscape that is stylized by artificial intelligence using images of plastic. Plastic Biosphere is an interactive artwork that touches on the imperative coexistence of humankind and plastics. The artwork uses rtificial intelligence architectures to generate interactive music and moving images that copy the style of images with plastics, onto the sceneries of post-anthropocene while asking,

How much plastic have we left?


Kivanc Tatar (Photo: Berkay Secil)

Kıvanç Tatar (CA/TR), one of five international artists in residence, is a multimedia artist, musical performer, and researcher focusing on Creative Artificial Intelligence for Music and Interactive Media. His career aims to integrate Interactive Arts, Contemporary Arts, Science, Technology, Engineering, and Design to research interdisciplinary topics of New Media to create transdisciplinary knowledge. His work has been exhibited across the globe; including the notable events the cultural program at Rio Olympics 2016, the Ars Electronica Festival 2017 and 2020, CHI 2018, and Mutek Montreal 2018.

UNATC Garden Bucharest | part of ARS ELECTRONICA FESTIVAL 2020

In an empty nature lot in the middle of Bucharest in Distant Art, works developed during lockdown by students of Interactive Technologies for Performing and Media Arts, and Art of Game Design are exhibited in the Ars Electronica Festival 2020.

UNATC Garden Bucharest Youtube Channel: https://cinetic.art…

UNATC Garden also presents the results of the online collaboration between five international artists, virtually gathered in CINETic Residencies, active in interactive art and CINETic Centre researchers and artists.


CINETic Centre opens for online collaborations with artists working with interactive technologies. The CINETic team is interested in working with machine learning and generative tools, human and object telepresence and mixed reality solutions.

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