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Quantum Polythopes

Artwork description:

Quantum Polythopes hints at the overall shape that man’s presence takes in the universe. The object is a trans-scalar representation of a tessellation that may no or may not be the underlying structure of physical space. In terms of interaction it assumes scale based on the viewers belief. Depending on this rapport it can be perceived either as a micro-structure enlarged to a ridiculous proportion or an enormous event contained in an insufficient device. 

In the end, the installation is as much about the object as it is about the individuals that interact with it. Does human activity crystallize in arrangements that are larger than life or is this endeavor, despite its achievements, an interesting but pointless arrangement on a remote celestial body? 

At Ars Electronica 2020

Under the current development, the structure places itself in a fractured state in an attempt to link together 3 physical locations; One in Linz and two in Bucharest. Despite being physically broken down, the quantum state of the system persists; information flows seamlessly through the elements allowing interactions between the three locations.

DMX Controlled Light fixtures, Electronics, IR sensors, Development boards on a FoamCore structure. One can interact with the object/arrangement by touching the tips of the arms. 

Author: Sebastian Comanescu Digital Arts Practice – ITPMA – Semester 1 Mentions: Special thanks to H3 for the light fixtures and technical consulting.


Sebastian Comanescu

Sebastian Comanescu is a New Media Artist/Architect based in Romania. He is currently studying at Interactive Technologies for Performing and Media Arts at CINETic Research Centre in Bucharest. His interests/practice revolves around space, automation and how they are integrated in the anthropic framework, from a futuristic point of view. Professionally he is a part of H3, developing Light installations and designing interactions while at the same time he is developing a philosophical frameworks as Speck Studio. 

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Phone: +40754831722 

UNATC Garden Bucharest | part of ARS ELECTRONICA FESTIVAL 2020

In an empty nature lot in the middle of Bucharest in Distant Art, works developed during lockdown by students of Interactive Technologies for Performing and Media Arts, and Art of Game Design are exhibited in the Ars Electronica Festival 2020.

UNATC Garden Bucharest Youtube Channel: https://cinetic.art…

UNATC Garden also presents the results of the online collaboration between five international artists, virtually gathered in CINETic Residencies, active in interactive art and CINETic Centre researchers and artists.


CINETic Centre opens for online collaborations with artists working with interactive technologies. The CINETic team is interested in working with machine learning and generative tools, human and object telepresence and mixed reality solutions.

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