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Centrul Internațional de Cercetare și Educație în Tehnologii Inovativ Creative – CINETic
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Marius HODEA

Research Assistant

Virtual Experience Designer

  • Email:
  • Mobile: +40758308956
  • CINETic Lab: Virtual Set Design and Augmented Reality
  • Academic affiliation: Art of Game Design MA at UNATC Bucharest
  • Other affiliations: National University of Arts Bucharest, Faculty of Decorative Arts and Design (teaching assistant)

Introduction and academic interests

  • Experience designer, PhD student at UNARTE Bucharest and assistant researcher at CINETic Bucharest, with a great focus on virtual reality, more specifically virtual environments, in relationship with the human experience. 
  • My studies and research starts on the experience point of view where I try to interrogate the complex nature of the virtual medium and  going through  the synergy of the tech driven era. 
  • Design and implementation of Virtual Reality environments for applications to improve and create virtual learning scenarios for students and teachers; and also Artistic creation in the virtual reality environment;
  • Validation of certain artistic and technological concepts in the virtual reality environment
  • Conducted studies with different user groups: students, children, adults, industry, etc. 
  • Technical and research lead consultant of the research projects of the virtual environment
  • Design and implementation of the virtual environment
  • Artistic creation in the virtual reality environment
  • Validation of certain artistic and technological concepts in the virtual reality environment ● Virtual reality in Education and Training

Research projects

  • Personal research is based on virtual reality (VR) as a phenomenon and technology that is composed and that influences the representation and perception on the spaces, the architectural, environmental environments, the human relation with the real and the virtual space and its impressive way of inducing the presence for example, to simulate the different experience of space.
  • General research at CINETIC and UNARTE level: Development of ideas and techniques, addressing different aspects in the educational context.

Tasks Performed

  • Research in the field of virtual reality study, within the Lab of virtual decoration design and augmented reality
  • Organization of resources and coordination of activities in the Virtual Reality Laboratory (annex of the main laboratory)
  • Teaching assistant of the practical courses within the Master of Art of Game Design


  • Graduate of the National University of Arts in Bucharest, the Design section specializing in Environmental and Space Design, currently a PhD student in the same institutions with the theme: “Object in context, between real and virtual space”, coordinator: Prof. Univ. Dragoş Gheorghiu Dr.


  • Between Realities, Art Gesture by Technology, in Communicative Action & Transdisciplinarity in the Ethical Society, 11thLUMEN CATES 2018, Targoviste, Romania, Drd. Razvan Clondir, Drd. Marius Hodea.

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