Investiţii pentru viitorul dumneavoastră
Programul Operaţional Sectorial "Creşterea Competitivităţii Economice"
Centrul Internațional de Cercetare și Educație în Tehnologii Inovativ Creative – CINETic
Proiect cofinaţat prin Fondul European de Dezvoltare Regională


CINETic Programs Coordinator

Managing Editor of the CINETic REVIEW

Tasks Performed

  • I coordinate the programs of CINETic – strategic planning, budget estimation, monitoring implementation and achievement of objectives, identifying funding sources and attracting funds, as well as a final evaluation of projects.
  • I am the managing editor of the CINETic REVIEW – the center’s first academic journal, published yearly by UNATC Press, focused on emerging practices in theatre, performative arts, film, and hybrid live and mediated art forms, the technologies at their basis, and their societal impact.
  • I manage the CINETic website:


I’ve worked for over 10 years in a UNESCO international body, where I was involved in the organization of an important number of global events – theater festivals, tours, conferences, workshops etc.

I have a bachelor’s in Philology and two master’s degrees – one in British Cultural Studies and one in Theater. I’ve studied and lived in China and the United States. I’ve traveled to and worked in over 30 countries. I have a Ph.D. in Theater and Performing Arts.

I am an alumna of the International Leadership Visitor Program (IVLP) – the U.S. Department of State’s premier professional exchange program.

I am passionate about classical art, precision and silence.

Projects coordinated at CINETic

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